'Tensions between militia groups, but no major clashes have been reported'…

No… not Iraq… The Texas National Guard has something socially worthwhile to do now… Watch the Xenophobic Gun Nuts.

Don’t kid yourself. There’s no appreciable difference between the “Laredo Sector”

(Image from My San Antonio, July 7, with more)
„.the Neonazi Ukraine Right Sector/Svoboda groups, and the political tendencies of certain members of the US military. (the ones below are “Marines”}
…except their nationality.

Find out what they tell us they’re ‘planning’


In light of the fact Initial statements by OSCE observers (July 31) broadly confirm Flight MH17 was brought down by airborne cannon fire


July 11 2014
"Police Officers Kill Fourth Person in East Salinas

(Since February 2009, combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan have been serving as advisors to police in Salinas, California, with the stated aim of applying counterinsurgency tools to local anti-gang efforts. Along with their expertise, the military advisors also arrive with software, including a computer program that maps the connections between gang activity, individual suspects, and their social circles, family ties, and neighborhood connections…)

Our work with staff from the U.S. Navy’s - Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) [is] a first-of-its-kind collaboration… . Faculty at NPS are experts in examining violent groups around the world, including terrorists, insurgents and revolutionaries. By examining these violent groups they have developed a counterinsurgency model, which relies largely on social network analysis to determine how best to disrupt their violent actions and, more importantly, address the reasons for their violent behavior in the first place.

— Quote taken from Kristian Williams, The Other Side Of The Coin: Counterinsurgency And Community Policing„,
The Military-Civil Society Suppression Interface.


Aldous Huxley vs George Orwell. Who was right?

"Orwell and Huxley were both right. Huxley saw the first stage of our enslavement. Orwell saw the second."

H/t: ZeroHedge. Also see this article: ‘2014: A Brave New Dystopian “1984” World’ at ZeroHedge, for a discussion of both authors’ salient points and more, such as Aldous Huxley describing the world we have now to CBS’ 60 Minutes’ Mike Wallace 60 years ago.

For some thoughts on Neil Postman’s hypothesis that there’s no need for external suppression when people voluntarily suppress themselves see this Wikipedia article about Inverted totalitarianism, this post on Herbert Marcuse’s Repressive Desublimination work, and DO watch this video for some working examples… something COMPLETELY subversive… Mindfucked: An assault against the spectacle
"Dmitry, Ruslan and Pavel were small-business men before the conflict, they told me. Their companies had monthly sales of around 300,000 Hryvnia ($25,000) each. They used to travel together to Oktoberfest in Germany and organized weekend parties in country vacation houses.

Dmitry turned out to be an expert in wind generators and dissuaded me from buying one for my dacha.

The three of them hated everything other than nature. They hated the Euromaidan protests for igniting the unrest, hated Americans and Europeans for supporting it, hated ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and, of course, hated Putin, journalists and Russians.

Ukraine Army Takes Bloomberg Reporter Hostage: Fascinating Report Ensues - ZeroHedge

Thanks to a 5-word text message to his father, a Bloomberg reporter was taken hostage by Ukrainian soldiers at a checkpoint near Donetsk. What ensued is both frightening and fascinating..

The driver explained that we were heading out to destroy a separatist truck-mounted Grad rocket launcher in a village nearby.

“You will now see how the Ukrainian army fights,” he said, and hit the throttle. The car bumped into a barrier, losing a fender guard, as I heard from their talks.

They stopped at another roadblock to get more weapons. We moved further in silence on a bumpy road. I started to fall asleep, wondering what message I would send to Polina and my son if I managed to get the phone back. A cursing voice woke me up.

The “Grad” turned out to be a grain harvester…

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