Under the new ‘trip hazard’ rationalized Santa Cruz California ordinance regarding public use of the downtown Santa Cruz business district sidewalks

You will never see a trio of musicians performing on the sidewalk of Pacific Avenue again…. No more Marimba orchestras on a warm summer Saturday evening. A standard card table & two chairs will not fit the allocated space, which means political tabling regarding issues of citizen’s concern local and national will also be affected.

The city council’s assurances they understand this will also affect their downtown business’ ability to have their all-too-regular literally sidewalk-blocking Sidewalk Sales, foldout signs in areas of the sidewalks far from their businesses’ easement (TRULY ‘Trip Hazards’), fall on my deaf ears because the quite obvious reason FOR THIS ORDINANCE is not to make the sidewalk downtown Santa Cruz safe for pedestrians, but to make space for more commercial use of an already-cluttered-with-‘dining cages’ and sidewalk signs downtown street formerly known as the “Pacific Garden Mall”, teeming with music, street performers, artists and other creatives, but now, by the city’s own commercial property interest guided hand and ‘lawmaking’ to enforce it, just pacific street, shopping mall.

Link to Santa Cruz IndyBay’s calendar item for the “Use ‘Em Before We Lose ‘Em” Festival of (Sidewalk) Fun. This Saturday, Sept 28 2013, Pacific & Soquel in front of the American sweatshop labor employing “Forever 21”.