"The (Israeli) Raptor interceptor missiles used in Iron Dome cost at least $62,000.00 each – but one estimate I have seen is $100,000.00 to fire each Raptor. This does not include the expense of the Iron Dome system itself – which the U.S. government has paid $206,000,000 of its cost.

The “home-made” Qassam rockets fired by Hamas cost less than $1,000.00 to manufacture in Gaza underground factories. I have seen one estimate as low as $100.00 per rocket.

The Syrian-manufactured missiles produced under license of the Chinese government are likely several thousand dollars in value. These are the ones that have reached Hadera and Tel Aviv and caused the Knesset to shut down."

Mark Koroi

Wars of economic attrition.

The Vietnamese whipped American ass with punji sticks, tiger traps, WWII vintage weapons (incl the agricultural dike protection ack-ack ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda posed on to the dismay of the US government), and sandals made from the tires of stolen jeeps. They distracted our early Automated Battlefield systems consisting of a vial full of bedbugs with a tiny mic and transmitter that would transmit the noise of the active bugs when humans were near, by pissing on the foliage causing multi-zillion dollar airstrikes to be called in on… Nothing. An occasional unfortunate Water Buffalo.

The Iraqis did a pretty good job of forcing a US ‘planned withdrawal’ using propane bombs and IEDs twith common automotive freeze plugs for armor penetrators.

Israel doesn’t have the economic ‘depth’ to continue for long. Iran is waiting in the economic shadows and when the US can no longer afford to, politically or economically, continue to support it’s client state in the Middle East, Israel will simply collapse under it’s own untenability, by it’s own dependence on a war economy that was simple to attack by the use of primitive inexpensive weapons by the opposition.