Afghanistan’s women want to thank America and it’s women for ignorantly tacitly supporting, and allowing the US to arm the Taliban for all those Cold War years. . Middle three images courtesy of Magnum

More information about the US’ Cold War arming of Fundamentalist Muslims (even when less socially radical groups were available): Operation Cyclone
"…the longest and most expensive covert CIA operations ever undertaken;".

In more recent history, The Nation: How the US Funds the Taliban. Google Search: “US supporting and arming the Taliban

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REALLY? YOU’RE BLAMING AMERICAN WOMEN FOR SOMETHING THAT WE THE CITIZENS HAVE NO CONTROL OVER. REALLY? Attack our government and politicians- not the citizens they so poorly represent- we hate them as much as the rest of the world.
So where exactly do you stand on this? “The New America Foundation (Neoliberal like MOST Americans) is promoting an author who says 14 years of destroying Afghanistan was a waste. It’s The Wrong Enemy. We should be destroying Pakistan

"…SOMETHING THAT WE THE CITIZENS HAVE NO CONTROL OVER…" is the crux of the problem. My dunning IS NOT about the lack of success stopping our government from destroying other nations and their people, it about the lack of trying… Moving beyond the personal comfort zone of driving one’s SUV to the local antiwar demo and driving into the RAGE region where governments tremble and fall.

Listen “livesarefractionsofawhole” The civilized world is HORRIFIED BY AMERICAN’S LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT’S GOVERNMENT’S ACTIONS IN THEIR NAMES and this post (and this one and this one, and most of my posts) is intended to be a kick in the ass saying “Control them!”

Or perhaps, as is easily observable, Americans simply have a problem controlling themselves when it comes to bullying each other, and it’s reflected by our government’s treatment of other societies. It shapes NOT ONLY AMERICAN’S WORLDVIEW but their government’s actions globally.

TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR GOVERNMENT’S ACTIONS AND STOP REPEATING THAT IDIOTIC “I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT” MANTRA. It’s simply self-fulfilling bullshit in a “delegated representation” society for people who DON’T WANT TO do anything about it, or perhaps in many cases “Do something but god forbid it should affect my lifestyle or my livelihood, or cause loss of ‘friends’, or spending a night in jail over it… or… or…
If it wasn’t for this, if it wasn’t for that It’d be a better world.”

Round TWO:
livesarefractionsofawhole: it assumes that all americans +/ women knew what was happening

2. it assumes that all americans approve of acts of war and aggression

3. literally said i should take personal responsibility:
.Yup I did, and Yup… Yer “ignored”

The New America Foundation (@NewAmerica, Neoliberal) is promoting an author who says 14 years of destroying Afghanistan was a waste. It’s The Wrong Enemy. We should be destroying Pakistan

Bottom: Map of region showing Afghanistan Highway A01. More about it below but “Why is Lashkar Gah ‘boxed” you ask? Because the West has been invading Afghanistan and attempting to Westernize, culturally influence it for a looong time, and that city played an important part.

When you look at footage of the fighting in Helmand today everyone assumes it is being played out against an ancient background of villages and fields built over the centuries.

This is not true.

If you look beyond the soldiers, and into the distance, what you are really seeing are the ruins of one of the biggest technological projects the United States has ever undertaken.

Its aim was to use science to try and change the course of history and produce a modern utopia in Afghanistan.

The city of Lashkar Gah was built by the Americans as a model planned city, and the hundreds of miles of canals that the Taliban now hide in were constructed by the same company that built the San Francisco Bay Bridge and Cape Canaveral…
More @ Firedoglake and DO see this well-researched historical essay at The Atlantic: “Visit Afghanistan’s ‘Little America,’ and See the Folly of For-Profit War"

Regarding current warmongering in South Asia See this 4 page paper from the London School of Economics for a little more on the region’s other national influences.on Afghanistan. Note that Afghanistan’s Highway 1 “Ring Road” was multi-nationally refurbished (but NOT ‘contained’) with the intent of drawing economic and cultural influence AWAY from Pakistan.

"To where?" you say.

Oddly enough, to Iran, and India, which is Pakistan’s arch-enemy and former territory.

For a more exhaustive study of the cultural connections between Pakistan and Afghanistan the West is trying to destroy see this 203 page thesis from the Royal Holloway University of London: “Re-emergent Pre-State Substructures: The Case of the Pashtun Tribes" (pdf). It covers more sociocultural ground than just the Pashtuns…

"Vietnamistan…" Because There’s Nothing Like The Sound Of Small Arms Fire Ricocheting Off Your APC’s Gun Visor

Marja Afghanistan Citizens

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Source, PoP dEFECT Radio, Courtesy of Skidmark Bob

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From MRAP to scrap… McClatchy reports:
Pentagon chopping up $50 BILLION dollars worth of allegedly mine-proof vehicles

BAGRAM, Afghanistan — Faced with an epidemic of deadly roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. military officials ordered up a fleet of V-hulled 16-ton armored behemoths in 2007 to help protect American soldiers and Marines.

At a cost of $1 million each, the ugly tan beasts known as MRAPS have saved countless lives and absorbed or deflected thousands of insurgent bomb blasts in teeming cities, desert flats and rutted mountain roadways. The lumbering vehicles are so beloved that soldiers have scrawled notes of thanks on their armor.

So why would the U.S. military suddenly start chopping up as many as 2,000 of the vehicles and selling them as scrap?
It’s OBVIOUS if they worked at all to protect our troops it should be termed “Barely”, and perhaps ‘kept them alive’ but not necessarily in ONE PIECE. I suppose they did better than the totally unarmored HumVees that US soldiers generally rode around in until it was belatedly realized the Iraqis WERE NOT ‘greeting us with flowers’.

Blown MRAP image from January 11 2010 Cabale News Service report:

In the new year of our war on Afghanistan, over the weekend the Taliban killed three more American soldiers in Helmand province and another in a roadside bomb attack. He was driving an allegedly mine-proof MRAP vehicle. That makes 10 Americans dead in the first 10 days of the year.
…where it’s also reported
(see lower pic and go here for huge/readable)

Meanwhile, (the now-resigned-in-disgrace) General Stanley McChrystal says we can still win in Afghanistan…. Here’s the strategy…
Last but not least, that day’s Cabale News Service report included this little piece of now scrapped Yemen/Somalia diplomacy nostalgia:

In Yemen, the president is now proposing talks with rebel elements and ‘al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula’ and US president Obama rules out sending US troops to Yemen or Somalia. More.

This is why the Pentagon ♥s Russia. Russia has Central Asian land routes bypassing the need to use Pakistan’s Khyber Pass, aka “Sniper Alley in the Graveyard of Empires”.

Dateline Pakistan - Thousands of protestors gathered in the Pakistani cities yesterday and today to protest against U.S. drone strikes.

On Monday, officials and lawmakers in Pakistan’s northwest province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa organized a protest outside the U.S. consulate in Peshawar against drone strikes.

Senior minister of the provincial government Siraj-ul-Haq led a group of provincial ministers and lawmakers who marched to the heavily-guarded U.S. consulate and handed over a complaint to the diplomats saying that the American drone strikes violate Pakistan’s sovereignty and kill innocent people.

Protests against the drone strikes continued with supporters of the provincial ruling parties blocking supplies for NATO-led troops in Afghanistan for the third consecutive day on Monday.

The protestors set up camps on different routes leading to the Afghan border to stop and search all loaded container trucks heading to the border points.

Meanwhile, truck-drivers in the southern port city of Karachi say that hundreds of NATO containers in the city and those on the way to the Torkham border point were stopped due to protest. (source, Worldbulletin, Turkey)

Solidarity with the Afghan people in their quest to rid themselves of an invading army. This could just as well be a U.S. Homeless encampment (of which there are more every day) being ‘raided’ by local law enforcement.US forces Night Raid an Afghani village. More @ Public Intelligence

Solidarity with the Afghan people in their quest to rid themselves of an invading army. This could just as well be a U.S. Homeless encampment (of which there are more every day) being ‘raided’ by local law enforcement.

US forces Night Raid an Afghani village. More @ Public Intelligence

"This decision is clearly linked to the situation with former agent of US special services [Edward] Snowden, which hasn’t been created by us,” he (Russian foreign affairs adviser Yuri Ushakov) said during a phone conference with the press.

“For many years, the Americans have avoided signing an extradition agreement,” Mr Ushakov said, “And they have invariably responded negatively to our requests for extradition of people who committed crimes on the territory of Russia, pointing at the absence of such agreement.

— Russian Kremlin statement regarding the Obama’s refusal to meet president Putin at the upcoming G20 conference

I’ll stick to what I’ve been saying. The US government won’t let this little dust-up affect our over-arching need for Russia’s land routes to Afghanistan and on the other hand, Russia’s need for the US to pin down it’s expat Chechens in “manufactured exile” (boxer Todashev was being interviewed for the THIRD time in a day just b/c his parents bought him a plane ride home for graduation. Bet he was regretting the run-up to the trip home) while THEY turn Chechnya into gravel suitable, literally, for fracking.

"In War Crime News Today:
Abdul Rashid Dostum Of The ‘Northern Alliance’
And Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Afghan Army
Nothing To See Here… Move Along! White House Finishes Dasht-e-Leili ‘Massacre Of Taliban Fighters’ Probe Using ‘Intelligence Community’ Info And Then They Spike It

ProPublica (Copiously linked onsite):

     The long saga began in November 2001, when Taliban prisoners who had surrendered to Northern Alliance commander Abdul Rashid Dostum were transported in shipping containers without food or water. According to eyewitness accounts and forensic work by human rights investigators, hundreds of men died of suffocation while others were shot, and their bodies buried at the desert site of Dasht-i-Leili.

     Dostum was working closely with U.S. troops at the time. Surviving prisoners alleged that Americans were present at the loading of the containers – but the Pentagon has said repeatedly that it had no evidence that U.S. forces participated or were even aware of the deaths. (Dostum has denied any personal involvement, and claims that roughly 200 men died in transit, from battlefield wounds.)

     In the fall of 2002, the U.S., U.N., and even Dostum himself expressed support for an investigation. But none got underway. In the summer of 2009, prompted by a New York Times report that Bush administration officials had actively discouraged U.S. investigations, President Obama ordered a new review of the case.

     Hayden, the White House spokeswoman, said the new investigation “was led by the intelligence community,” and found that no Americans – including CIA officers, who were also in the region – were involved.

     She declined to answer the following lingering questions…

(* ‘Spike’ is news-speak for ‘killed story’)"

In Full @ ProPublica

See: Cabale News Service, August 11, 2009 for more information from the inception of the ‘investigation’ process.

Also, from July 2009, The World According To Bill Fisher, Afghan Massacre: More Bad Apples?

William Fisher passed recently. Read his onsite obituary. Another good man gone, William fisher was one of the former State Department employees gone blogger watching Guantanamo, our concentration camp by the Caribbean, with great dismay and writing about it.

Wikipedia entry for General Abdul Rashid Dostum

WikiLeaks documents on the Dasht-e-Leili massacre

Also from Cabale News Service, July 17 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Murder, Apologies, ‘Themistan’, and Our Presence In Central Asia

A series of short, cynically humorous audio commentaries regarding Central Asia, by Travus T. Hipp, morning news announcer at KPIG Radio Freedom California, Proto-Hippie and the Original “Family Dog”. Rest In Peace Chan.

U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan

Published: July 4, 2013

The Department of Defense has identified 2,229 American service members who have died as a part of the Afghan war and related operations. It confirmed the death of the following American recently:

CLAYTON, Hilda I., 22, Specialist, Army; Augusta, Ga.; 55th Signal Company, 21st Signal Brigade.