"Peaceful" protest picture of the day, Venezuela edition. It’s interesting that the US mainstream media reporting on the Venezuelan power elite’s Gusano-instigated violence never mentions these homemade bazookas or the fact that out of 175 arrests for being involved in an alleged student protest, only 12 have been students.Source: Real News of Vzla ‏@RealVzla, Twitter

"Peaceful" protest picture of the day, Venezuela edition.

It’s interesting that the US mainstream media reporting on the Venezuelan power elite’s Gusano-instigated violence never mentions these homemade bazookas or the fact that out of 175 arrests for being involved in an alleged student protest, only 12 have been students.

Source: Real News of Vzla ‏@RealVzla, Twitter

"The U.S. government is finalizing it’s plans to support Syria’s invaders with "training and small-arms shipments"

M-16s ARE “Small Arms”… and M-16s did this:

I SERIOUSLY doubt Reuters, the article source, ever reported it but there WERE heroes at My Lai. Unfortunately there WILL NOT be any heroes made in the Dirty War on Syria unless a US military Cargomaster unloads (sic) on a few rebel commanders…"

Reuters: U.S. finalizing plan to boost support for Syrian rebels: sources

(Reuters) - The U.S. government is finalizing a plan to increase training and small-arms shipments for Syrian rebels, two U.S. security sources said on Friday, as Syrian government troops gain momentum following the collapse of U.S.-backed peace talks.

The United States would increase assistance and send the shipments to moderate rebel factions mostly based in Jordan, along Syria’s southern border, the officials familiar with the plan told Reuters.

The additional supplies are likely to be…
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7iah said:
you do not know a thing… at least when it comes to Syria.
Since “7iah” didn’t bother explaining what ‘thing’ I need to know, Troll “Ignored”.

"So, now we are threatening to start World War Three because Russia is trying to control the chaos in a failed state on its border — a state that our own government spooks provoked into failure? The last time I checked, there was a list of countries that the USA had sent troops, armed ships, and aircraft into recently, and for reasons similar to Russia’s in Crimea: the former Yugoslavia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, none of them even anywhere close to American soil. I don’t remember Russia threatening confrontations with the USA over these adventures."

James Howard Kunstler, “Let’s You and Him Fight" (a ploy out of the old Eric Berne “Games People Play” playbook), Clusterfuck Nation

What the USA and its European factotums ought to do is mind their own business and stop issuing idle threats. They set the scene for the Ukrainian melt-down by trying to tilt the government their way, financing a pro-Euroland revolt, only to see their sponsored proxy dissidents give way to a claque of armed neo-Nazis, whose first official act was to outlaw the use of the Russian language in a country with millions of long-established Russian-speakers.

"On Feb 23 1933 the Reichstag Fire brought Germany’s Nazis to power with a fit of rage against “Communists” and Jews. This year a coup on that date brought what are essentially Neo-Nazis to power in Ukraine"

See Dimitry Orlov’s “Reichstag Fire in Kiev" for more:

What provided the rationale for the (Ukraine) coup d’état was the killing of demonstrators by uniformed snipers, blamed on the previous government. The overthrown president, who has since fled to Russia, was accused of mass murder, and the new government demanded his extradition (a dumb move, since Russia’s constitution forbids extradition).

But there are serious questions about this interpretation of events: the special forces were never issued rifles and were never ordered to open fire on the protesters; there were quite a few special forces members themselves among those killed; the killings were carried out in such a manner as to incite rather than quell protest, by targeting women, bystanders and those assisting the wounded.

The killings were followed by a professionally orchestrated public relations campaign, complete with a catchy name—“Heaven’s Hundred” (“Небесная сотня”)—complete with candlelight vigils, rapid clean-up and laying of wreaths at the scene of the crime and so on…

"George Soros’ “National Endowment for Democracy” … If it’s a “popular” or grassroots democracy the NED opposes it. But it DOES supports Fascist ‘governments-in-waiting’, aka the ‘color revolution’ Western-oriented ‘democracy’ that just executed a coup in Ukraine."

— See Counterpunch, The Stealth Destabilizer →The National Endowment for Democracy in Venezuela. See here for a little bit about Soros funded organizations involvement in Ukraine destabilization.

"In Venezuela, five intelligence agents have been arrested (with three others already under arrest) for the shooting deaths of protesters amid violent anti-government protests that have killed at least 16 people. Three other agents and six police officers were arrested on Monday. On Wednesday, President Nicolás Maduro held a “national peace conference” aimed at quelling the crisis, but the opposition did not attend."

— DemocracyNow! Feb 27 2014 notes Venezuela IS NOT a “Lawless State” with a rogue intelligence agency like the FBI, who get away with murder quite regularly.

See the link in the quote body for more about the arrests. Also in the news abut Venezuela, the Argentine ambassador to the United Kingdom, also having served as ambassador to Venezuela before appointment to Britain, has reiterated her government’s support for the elected government of Venezuela.

"Robert Fisk with a comparison of the tactics employed by the US and European Union to destabilize Syria and Ukraine:

    The initial Syrian opposition to Assad was peaceful. Then military deserters formed an armed opposition that was swiftly taken over by radicals (Link added… Also see this piece with more -Ed) more interested in replacing Assad with a caliphate than the “free Syria” which the opposition originally demanded.

    So, too, in Kiev: Yanukovych’s opponents found themselves, after several weeks, uneasily linked to small, right-wing, neo-Nazi groups who had – in the eyes of their enemies – more in common with the Ukrainian fascists who helped the Germans in the Second World War than with the Soviet resistance to Nazi occupation."

— In Full, Ukraine’s Future is Tied Up With Syria’s

For more background on the Fascist of Ukraine, and some more similarities between the nature of Fascists who the US tangentially back in Ukraine, and ISLAMOFASCISTS which the US directly supports through it’s alliance with various al-Qaeda related groups in Syria and the Middle East/Central Asia see this LeMonde Diplomatique article just in: Ukraine beyond politics.

IMPORTANT NOTE from the Memory Hole about the second picture’s caption:

Obama AND Secretary of State Kerry CERTAINLY know what happened at the misnomer-ed Libyan Benghazi “Embassy”. Some of the people we were training for our dirty war on Syria decided to turn on us. A no-brainer, since they WERE the ‘foreign fighters most likely to be killing US troops in Iraq’, but you will NEVER hear about how US Foreign policy double-dealing BACKFIRES from the people who put those policies in motion. They set up ‘committees’ to ‘investigate’ that simply cover their tracks instead.

BTW, Libya has no oil economy that ‘pays the bills’ anymore (NATO was only interested in the modern refineries and infrastructure,and anyway, creating dependent nations is the ‘long game’). This is a country that funded almost any African Union development project just a few years ago, the way Syria absorbed more than a million Iraqis fleeing the US invasion and concurrent mayhem a decade ago.

(See Riverbend, Girl Blogger of Baghdad’s flight-to-Syria postings here and here, and BE SURE to read her last post “Ten Years On…" for a few choice words about "American Liberation" of her country)

America… We DELIVER D̶e̶s̶t̶a̶b̶i̶l̶i̶z̶a̶ “democracy”!

My $0.02c regarding “a sense of order and hope” in Kiev Ukraine (Wake up and smell the #Fascism) Source Tweet

My $0.02c regarding “a sense of order and hope” in Kiev Ukraine
(Wake up and smell the #Fascism)

Source Tweet

"Good going AmeriKKKA!

"Fascists from Lviv are in charge of the Ukraine presidential palace as the West worries about a "Power Vacuum". Ukraine Rabbi Moshe Reuven Azman called on Kiev’s Jews to leave the city… even the country if possible, and ten of the country’s regions reject the coup d’etat, declare autonomy. That’s 24M out of 45M Ukraine citizens who don’t accept the new Fascist ‘gubmint’."

— Survey courtesy Russia Today live online aircheck
Ukrainian Rabbi urges Jews to flee Kiev

“Fascists from Lviv in charge”:

“Members of an opposition group from Lviv called the 31st Hundred — carrying clubs and some of them wearing masks — were in control of the entryways to the palace Saturday morning.”

In Full @ New York Times

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