From MRAP to scrap… McClatchy reports:
Pentagon chopping up $50 BILLION dollars worth of allegedly mine-proof vehicles

BAGRAM, Afghanistan — Faced with an epidemic of deadly roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. military officials ordered up a fleet of V-hulled 16-ton armored behemoths in 2007 to help protect American soldiers and Marines.

At a cost of $1 million each, the ugly tan beasts known as MRAPS have saved countless lives and absorbed or deflected thousands of insurgent bomb blasts in teeming cities, desert flats and rutted mountain roadways. The lumbering vehicles are so beloved that soldiers have scrawled notes of thanks on their armor.

So why would the U.S. military suddenly start chopping up as many as 2,000 of the vehicles and selling them as scrap?
It’s OBVIOUS if they worked at all to protect our troops it should be termed “Barely”, and perhaps ‘kept them alive’ but not necessarily in ONE PIECE. I suppose they did better than the totally unarmored HumVees that US soldiers generally rode around in until it was belatedly realized the Iraqis WERE NOT ‘greeting us with flowers’.

Blown MRAP image from January 11 2010 Cabale News Service report:

In the new year of our war on Afghanistan, over the weekend the Taliban killed three more American soldiers in Helmand province and another in a roadside bomb attack. He was driving an allegedly mine-proof MRAP vehicle. That makes 10 Americans dead in the first 10 days of the year.
…where it’s also reported
(see lower pic and go here for huge/readable)

Meanwhile, (the now-resigned-in-disgrace) General Stanley McChrystal says we can still win in Afghanistan…. Here’s the strategy…
Last but not least, that day’s Cabale News Service report included this little piece of now scrapped Yemen/Somalia diplomacy nostalgia:

In Yemen, the president is now proposing talks with rebel elements and ‘al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula’ and US president Obama rules out sending US troops to Yemen or Somalia. More.
"Usually after commando raids against terrorist targets, the leaks flow like a fine triumphalist wine. We hear just enough detail of high-level secret meetings to emphasize that everything that worked was actually the president’s idea. We may get a photo or two indicating that while considering the raids everyone was looking extremely serious.

But that’s not what happened in the wake of the (Libya & Somalia) raids this weekend

While this weekend’s raids didn’t exactly “screw the pooch,”… …they did not go according to plan (militarily OR diplomatically)."

The Power Paradox: Why America can only be great by being unexceptional, David Rothkopf - Foreign Policy

An assortment of reports about the taking of Libya’s bogus government ‘official by either the “Revolutionary Operations Chamber" (google search… nothing but news), or the “Brigade for the Fight against Crime" (ibid):

Any way you look at it, you’re looking at country that was a regional development economic powerhouse and financier turned into a near-lawless state PERHAPS more stable than Somalia… And like Somalia, the global community can ‘thank’ NATO.

Libyan prime minister seized by armed men - al-Jazeera

Libyan PM Ali Zeidan detained by militia - BBC

Libyan PM briefly held by gunmen angry at U.S. Qaeda capture - Reuters

Libyan PM freed after capture by former rebels over US raid - Russia Today

Abu_M (Twitter: abu_m), US citizen Jihadi in Somalia with a few words about his group’s and “al-Shabab” involvement, or non-involvement, in the Nairobi Kenya WestGate shopping mall attack.

"From the archives (2010)

     ”Reuters reports a spokesperson from the Islamist Al-Shabaab group in Somalia claiming that the US mercenary group Blackwater/Xe Services is in Somalia, is recruiting and is planning a series of spectacular terrorist attacks against civilians to discredit his movement…"

— Xe/Blackwater’s CIA ‘Dark’ Operation In Germany… A Practice Run For Somalia/HOA Operations? Razed By Wolves, Thursday, January 14, 2010

Note: Photobucket is enforcing bandwidth limits, view image of placeholder to view the original images.


At face value, and how the Western media is attempting to portray it, the Westgate Mall siege in Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi appears to be yet another senseless terrorist attack by the “religious fanatics” of Al Qaeda’s Somalia franchise, Al Shabaab.

Already, both Kenyan and Western politicians, as well as editorials across the Western media, are attempting to use the attack as a pretext to launch a military campaign against neighboring Somalia, while fueling anti-Muslim sentiment across profoundly ignorant audiences in the West…


— Tony Cartalucci: Kenyan Bloodbath: Reaping the “Benefits” of US AFRICOM Collaboration (NATO’s North African terror tidal wave predictably sweeps into Kenya)

This cooperation between AQIM, Boko Haram, and Al Shabaab has been clearly bolstered by the immense influx of NATO-provided cash and weapons flowing into Libya first to overthrow the Libyan government, then to be shipped to Syria to overthrow the government there. NATO’s assistance in expanding Al Qaeda’s operational capacity in North Africa can only be helping terrorists like those behind the Kenya Westgate Mall siege carry out cross-border operations of this scale.

Despite attempts by the West to provide other explanations as to where Al Qaeda is receiving its funds, manpower, and arsenal to carry out global campaigns, it is clear that it is a product of state-sponsorship – states like the US, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, and others.

In one tweet. For those who need visual prompting about the Westgate Mall massacre in Kenya as a geopolitical set-up… to gang up… for a final solution (choice of words intentional) to the West’s “Somalia Problem”, using a few Useful Idiots as False Flag terrorists.More info on the West’s Somalia dirty war, and links dating back to 2007-8 at this recent post

In one tweet. For those who need visual prompting about the Westgate Mall massacre in Kenya as a geopolitical set-up… to gang up… for a final solution (choice of words intentional) to the West’s “Somalia Problem”, using a few Useful Idiots as False Flag terrorists.

More info on the West’s Somalia dirty war, and links dating back to 2007-8 at this recent post

Read my tweets

The US ‘owes’ Kenya a few #UsefulIdiot/#FalseFlag ‘licks’. When CIA SEALS evac-ed the TFG from Somalia Kenya turned them away

A family portrait of the CIA thugs NOW Kenya’s seeing a #FalseFlag #Payback & their govt will help rape Somalia
An ‘AlQaeda’ al-shabab attack is JUST the thing to get Kenya on the somali invasion path

The “White Widow British Woman Islam convert AQ Paymaster” Is OBVIOUSLY a CIA/SAS handler

A couple of postings I’ve done on Somalia over the years: 2008: .And In Our OTHER Dirty Little War - Mogadishu Somalia, 2009: NOT ‘Somali Pirates’… It’s The “Somali Coast Guard” And They’re ‘Taking Out’ The ‘Trash’ (along with Illegal Offshore Nuclear Waste Dumpers),

Here’s the search list for my blogspot site Razed by Wolves with an archive of Cabale News Service Somalia stories including this from 2011:

In OTHER News:

The other day, A Washington Post blog, The Daily Beast, published a particularly nasty piece of anti-Islamic, pro-war on Somalia propaganda by an alleged expat Somali doctor titled:Under Siege In Somalia - A people plagued by catastrophic famine — and the tyranny of Islamist fanatics”.

This morning… A picture of US mercenary ‘trainers’ in Somalia on the FRONT PAGE of the NYTimes:

[Click the picture for the article]

That means we must be ‘going’ for it’.

I want to reiterate that today Sept 23 2013, as civilians are being murdered by alleged al-Qaeda affiliiated terrorists at a Westgate shopping mall, Nairobi Kenya…

That means we (the US and NATO nations along with their African satraps coerced or otherwise) must be ‘going’ for it’. “It” being total Cultural Genocide in Somalia using ‘al-Qaeda’, again, as rationale to further rob the people of Somalia, and exterminate (choice of word ABSOLUTELY intentional) them in the process

"The small African nation of Mali, recently invaded and it’s capital over-run by the French military on the pretense of fighting “Islamic Militants” with more troops arriving in the capital even as I type this while they await “A Western African Force” (In other words, a repeat performance of the West’s so-far-so-FAIL “Proxy Armies vs Somalia” dirty war plan), has a Human Development Index @ 175 of 178 with the three nations below it ALSO African nations.

That makes Mali impoverished beyond belief by *Western Standards* that I don’t necessarily subscribe to as real “Impoverishment”. Tribal cultures in primitive regions CANNOT be arbitraged by OECD standards… but it looks like we’re gonna give ‘em that ‘standard’ whether they like it or not.

Why? France claims “Islamic Militants”, per the specter peddled by the US about the Islamic Court Union, and now al-Shabaab in Somalia… or It COULD be the Bauxite, raw material of Aluminum, and Manganese, used in high tensile steels (turbine blades etc), almost as valuable as gold and diamonds from an industrial perspective and as the CIA’s World Factbook puts it their “deposits are known but not exploited.”(sic)

But on closer examination Mali is ranked #11 of 109 in cotton production and #6 of 109 in cotton exports. The OECD sweatshirt sweatshop nations are depending on Mali.

One of those up-and-coming sweatshop nations, Cote’ d’ Ivore, is directly to the south. Industry in that country is still seminal but the nation is KNOWN for it’s child slavery and work-till-you-die wages in the Cocoa export trade."

— Razer Ray, A few words about the African nation of Mali
(Stats from NationMaster, Human DevelopmentAgriculture.)

See Tony Cartalucci’s Land Destroyer blog for more on France and NATO’s Malian Dirty War

Dox: How the US government ‘Frames’ it’s Somalia ‘pitch’ - “Open Source Center Master Narratives Country Report: Somalia”

"This report serves as a resource for addressing this challenge in two ways. First, it surfaces a set of eight master narratives carefully selected based on their potency in the Somali context and relevance to US strategic interests. Second, this report follows a consistent structure for articulating these narratives and explicitly identifies initial implications for US communicators and analysts."
68pg. PDF:

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